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Biostarks’ tests give users an easy-to-understand report containing information on over 30 of their biomarker levels along with personalized and actionable recommendations.


Sports Test

Absolutely. Carrying out a Biostarks test will enable you to find out what your micronutrient deficiencies and excesses are. Following these results, you will be able to modify your diet thanks to our advice. Micronutrients have a direct link with sports performance. Improving them is also improving your sports performance.

The Sport Biostarks test is divided into 4 categories: endurance, strength, performance and recovery. Thanks to the different categories of the sport test, you can immediately see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You will then be able to work on your weaknesses and improve yourself through our nutritional advice.

Deficiencies or excesses have a direct link with sports performance. Indeed, they can lead to chronic fatigue, injuries, lack of energy but can also influence your stress. These disorders will lead to a decrease in sports performance.

In addition to a physical activity adapted to muscle mass gain, our tests can allow you to know which micronutrients you should pay attention to. These micronutrients are directly related to strength or recovery, which are components of muscle mass gain.

Nutrition Test

The results delivered by Biostarks include personalized nutritional recommendations to help you bring your biomarker levels into their optimal ranges. Following these recommendations can help you improve your general eating habits.

Longevity NAD⁺ Test

NAD⁺ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that plays an important role in many cellular processes, including energy metabolism, cellular signaling, DNA repair, and the regulation of gene expression. NAD⁺ is involved in the electron transport chain, which is the process by which cells generate energy in the form of ATP.

You may experience chronic fatigue, low energy, reduced performance, reduced mental clarity, difficulties with sleep, and poor overall health.

Improving NAD⁺ levels can be a great starting point for better overall health and lifespan. There are several advantages to optimizing NAD⁺, such as feeling more energetic, sleeping better, performing better physically, experiencing fewer muscle and joint pains, strengthening immunity, reducing inflammation, lowering insulin resistance, having clearer mental clarity, and improving liver function. The specific benefits someone experiences may vary, and personal health conditions can also play a role in how impactful NAD⁺ optimization is.

Benefits of getting an ωωω+ test is to check whether your NAD⁺ levels are in the ideal range or if your need to take action, such as adjusting your exercise and/or diet or taking supplements.

If you’re already taking NAD⁺ supplements or other products, a test can help you see whether they’re effective and help you decide whether you need to adjust the product or dosage to improve NAD⁺ optimization.

Our Biostarks Longevity NAD⁺ test also includes the analyses of 3 key minerals, namely Magnesium, Selenium and Zinc. These minerals are needed by the body to fulfill several processes, including DNA production, immune function, antioxidant defense, optimal nerve transmission, regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, thyroid homeostasis, and skin health.

Supplements may take 2-4 weeks to increase your NAD⁺ levels. We recommend that you get an NAD⁺ test before beginning an NAD⁺ optimization plan, and then another test after a month to confirm that your supplementation is effective.

Once your NAD⁺ levels are optimized, you only need to get tested 2-3 times per year. However, if your health status changes significantly or if you alter the types and dosage of NAD⁺ products, supplements, medicines, or lifestyle, you may need to adjust the frequency of testing.

Even though you do not need to fast before the test, we always recommend taking the test in the same conditions. We therefore recommend taking the test first thing in the morning.

Simply follow the instructions in your collection kit. All the necessary material for the easy collection of 2 drops of blood is included.

Once our lab receives your sample, you will be notified by email and your results will be available within the next 10 working days (excluding weekends).

Your results are delivered directly on your personal Biostarks account, accessible either from our App “Biostarks-Decode your health” or from our secure online platform
Each result is provided with personalized practical recommendations.

About Us

Biostarks has created quick and simple tests for anyone that wants to access affordable blood testing. After taking a biomarker test, you will receive rigorous and precise results on the basis of a large amount of biomarkers, along with personalized recommendations on how to correct potential excesses/deficiencies.

The advantages are the following : Because we have carefully selected biomarkers adapted to each profile. Because our labs are accredited and certified, ensuring that you will get accurate results. Because not only will you receive results, but starting at the second test, your individual reference ranges will be created by our algorithm, basing you not only against the population ranges, but ones specifc to your body. Because no lengthy prescription process is needed. Because you will be able to decode your health and correct your deficiencies/excesses using our personalized recommendations.

“Biostarks’ biomarker test are basically a high-resolution snapshot of what is happening inside your body. You will not only receive a general wellness overview, but also personalized recommendations based
on a rigorous and specific scientific process. “

Biostarks tests are completely safe – you only need to collect 4 drops of blood from the tip of your finger, no blood draw is necessary.

Biostarks owns two laboratories : one in Salt Lake city, Utah USA, and one in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Biostarks is particular in that we do not outsource our testing to third party labs, but actually conduct testing at our own accredited laboratories. This ensures that we control the process and the quality of the results as, aside from shipping providers, your sample is handled exclusively by the Biostarks science team. Our unique proprietary algorithm and results platform allow us to deliver rigorous, precise results in an easy-to-understand format.”

Biostarks Sports Test Kit
Main benefits include : A unique tool for those who want to: Increase their performance, have better endurance, improve their recovery, etc..
1. Increased Performance
2. Better Endurance
3. Improved Recovery
4. Enhance Muscle Growth
5. Increase your Energy Levels
6. Decrease exercise related Stress

Biostarks Nutrition Test Kit
Main benefits include : A unique tool for those who want to:
1. Strengthen Immunity
2. Improve Skin – Hair – Nails condition
3. Assure Sleep is restful and restorative
4. Limit Stress and improve Mood
5. Increase Energy Levels
6. Enhance Cognition

The Science

Your results will be as accurate as conventional lab results. Our accredited labs use rigorous scientific methods, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry machines, and unique algorithmic sequences to ensure unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity of results. Please do note that for accurate results, you should follow the instructions contained in your biomarker test kit.

A biomarker is a distinctive biological or biologically derived indicator (such as a molecule or other measurable substance) of a process, event, or condition. Your body is a treasure trove of these indicators.

The number of biomarkers we measure varies, depending the test. You can find the exact number for each test on their specific page.

These biomarkers have been carefully selected by the Biostarks Research and Development team based on the impact they have on specific functions and processes of the human body, and grouped into categories befitting our different test kits.

Biostarks uses high resolution mass spectrometry multiplex laboratory technology coupled with unique algorithmic sequences to measure and format thousands of molecular markers found in a few drops of fluid.

Purchase & Shipping

Biostarks ships to 47 states.
Due to regulatory regulations, Biostarks cannot ship to Rhode Island, New York, or New Jersey. We hope to be able to serve all fifty states in the near future.

We accept all major credit cards (visa, mastercard, american express, maestro) and Paypal.

Yes, it is possible to take the test while pregnant. There are no restrictions.

Taking the Test

You can either register on our website, or download the Biostarks mobile application from the App Store or Google Store. Sign up or Login and follow the registration steps.

Our collection kit includes all the necessary material for the easy collection of 4 drops of blood, namely a dedicated blood collection device, two lancets to prick your finger, two alcohol pads, two gauze pads, two bandages and one prepaid return envelope. Do the test early morning, while you have fasted! Follow the instructions (link) for a step by step guidance.

Yes. We recommend having fasted at least 9-12 hours before you take the test, just as you would do in a conventional lab test. Take the test early morning as biomarkers such as cortisol may change after you have certain physical activity.

Open the Biostarks test kit and follow the instructions found within. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Your results are delivered directly on our secure online platform accessible through your account, in the form of actionable and easy-to-understand nutritional recommendations. You can either download our Biostarks mobile app from App Store or Google Store or visit and log in with your credentials to access your results.

We do not recommend this, as stopping supplementation or a medication can have serious consequences. If you have any questions, we advise you to contact your physician.

Supplements and/or medication can affect your biomarker levels in different ways depending on the specific supplement/medication. This is something to consider when interpreting your results. If you have any questions, we advise you to contact your physician or contact us at

Your Results

Your result is summarized into a score, based on how many of your biomarkers are in their optimal ranges. Ideally, you want to be as close to 100 as possible. A low number is no cause for panic, but we recommend you follow our recommendations to correct any excesses or deficiencies.

Your results come complete with personalized recommendations, complete with lists of foods and portions you should incorporate into your diet to help you reach the optimal level for each biomarker!

For each result, 10 different foods will be suggested. If you are allergic to one of them, you can include the other 9 foods in your diet. If you follow a vegetarian, vegan, keto or gluten-free diet, you can choose your specific diet in the tab “my identity”. The recommended foods will be adjusted to reflect this setting.

You can click on any biomarker to see its specific range graph which represents the recommended range for each biomarker and where your result is situated in relation to it.

If your results are outside the limits of a biomarker range (e.g. Vitamin D, magnesium, etc), then you are either deficient or in excess. We recommend you follow our personalized recommendations to reach the optimal range.

Your unique biomarker map regroups all the biomarkers included in your test, and presents your results in an easy-to-understand visual summary. The color code is a simple way to visualize which biomarker levels are optimal and which ones need attention.

In the “science” tab on you will find the biomarkers glossary and their description.

Please feel free to consult your physician if you see any unusual values or if you woud like some further explanation of your biomarker levels and their implications. You can extract your results as a PDF and send it to your physician.

If you are outside of the reference range for 1 or more biomarkers, it is recommended that you follow your personalized recommendations.

To request the cancellation of your personal data, you must send us a written request at

If your test was purchased by a doctor/dietician, they will be able to acess your results. If not, you can export your results as a pdf and share it with them.

Some biomarker levels can change relatively quickly while others, such as Magnesium, can take several months to change in a significant way. Thus we recommend taking the test every 3 months so that your progress is noticeable.

Our team of nutritional expert has conducted extensive research using the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) database. The USDA provides the exact composition of thousands of foods, and we base ourselves on this data when delivering personalized nutritional recommendations.

We recommend taking a test every 3 months to check your progress in optimizing your biomarker levels. If your biomarkers are within their optimal ranges, we recommend you take the test twice a year, or if you have gone through a substantial lifestyle change (ran a marathon, changed your diet drastically, etc).

The foods shown in the “my top foods” section are the compilation of foods the most relevant to your specific deficiencies/excesses across all biomarkers tested. We recommend adding these foods to your diet as a priority. The foods shown by clicking on a specific biomarker are foods that are not individual to you, but rather the foods that are richest in that specific micronutrient.

Though your results are directly correlated with your diet and lifestyle, there are additional factors that can affect your results. For example, an athlete who sweats a lot can experience increased mineral loss. His diet may not fully cover his mineral expenditure, thus the athlete may be deficient in certain minerals even though his diet and lifestyle are healthy.

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