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Making your biological data both understandable and actionable, one test at a time.

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Our roots are in the world of elite athlete blood testing, in which we worked for many years providing solutions to some of the world’s best.

Following a significant success in the athletic world and answering to the the accelerating trend of personal health monitoring, Biostarks has now democratized these solutions making them accessible to all who wish to know more about their unique biological make up.

At first, we developed a biological test for athletes, then we adapted this method to be used for general wellbeing in the form of our nutritional test.

All of this has been in order to allow each and every individual to have access to rigorous scientific data in the form of personalised and actionable recommendations, so as to help them be the best version of themselves. Indeed, we imagine a world where everyone can take control of their health in order to live their best life.

What is

Biostarks is made up of its laboratories based in Europe and the USA which are all specialized in mass spectrometry.

Biostarks provides a range of easy-to-use self-collection biomarker test kits. By harnessing the power of multiplexed laboratory technology Biostarks measures thousands of molecules in a few drops of fluid delivering uniquely intuitive health and wellness data using our convenient online platform.

Available online and through select retailers, our home biomarker test kits and laboratory analysis allow people to enjoy actionable wellness recommendations resulting in an ability for people to self-manage key aspects of their health, nutrition and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Biostarks has created quick and simple tests for anyone that wants to access affordable blood testing. After taking a biomarker test, you will receive rigorous and precise results on the basis of a large amount of biomarkers, along with personalized recommendations on how to correct potential excesses/deficiencies.

The advantages are the following : Because we have carefully selected biomarkers adapted to each profile. Because our labs are accredited and certified, ensuring that you will get accurate results. Because not only will you receive results, but starting at the second test, your individual reference ranges will be created by our algorithm, basing you not only against the population ranges, but ones specifc to your body. Because no lengthy prescription process is needed. Because you will be able to decode your health and correct your deficiencies/excesses using our personalized recommendations.

“Biostarks’ biomarker test are basically a high-resolution snapshot of what is happening inside your body. You will not only receive a general wellness overview, but also personalized recommendations based
on a rigorous and specific scientific process. “

Biostarks tests are completely safe – you only need to collect 4 drops of blood from the tip of your finger, no blood draw is necessary.

Biostarks owns two laboratories : one in Salt Lake city, Utah USA, and one in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Biostarks is particular in that we do not outsource our testing to third party labs, but actually conduct testing at our own accredited laboratories. This ensures that we control the process and the quality of the results as, aside from shipping providers, your sample is handled exclusively by the Biostarks science team. Our unique proprietary algorithm and results platform allow us to deliver rigorous, precise results in an easy-to-understand format.”

Biostarks Sports Test Kit
Main benefits include : A unique tool for those who want to: Increase their performance, have better endurance, improve their recovery, etc..
1. Increased Performance
2. Better Endurance
3. Improved Recovery
4. Enhance Muscle Growth
5. Increase your Energy Levels
6. Decrease exercise related Stress

Biostarks Nutrition Test Kit
Main benefits include : A unique tool for those who want to:
1. Strengthen Immunity
2. Improve Skin – Hair – Nails condition
3. Assure Sleep is restful and restorative
4. Limit Stress and improve Mood
5. Increase Energy Levels
6. Enhance Cognition

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