Gain a competitive advantage by leveraging rigorous Science

Increase your market share using Biostarks’ at-home Test Kits

Many companies could significantly improve their customer offering by integrating bio-data, but they lack the infrastructure to provide such services. Biostarks is an all-in-one solution, offering the first ever Test-Kit-as-a-service (TaaS) platform. We provide the infrastructure and open architecture allowing partners to easily integrate at-home biomarker testing in their client journey.

Why partner with Biostarks

Increase Sales

Increase Sales by incorporating Biodata Science! Upsell your product by leveraging biomarker recommendations.

Customer loyalty

Build customer loyalty with longitudinal testing. We recommend one test a quarter for the general public, leading to repeat business and upsales.

Brand credibility

Gain legitimacy by partnering with an accredited Swiss laboratory. The Swiss seal is generally perceived as a mark of quality and excellence.

Increase revenue

Increase your profit by adding a new sales channel. Customers will be able to purchase your product directly from your fully branded results platform.

Open API complete independence on the platform

Fully brandable packaging & result platform

Host your own database

We take over creation of packaging

Credibility as a Swiss accredited laboratory

Global logistics fulfilment

The Biostarks Advantage

  • Proprietary Mass Spectrometry Technology
  • Accredited Laboratories
  • Sleek Mobile & Web App
  • Attractive & easy to understand result visualisation
  • GDPR compliant, secure AWS servers
  • Unparallelled data from 4 drops of blood

How it works


Meet with our team and establish a detailed assessment of your needs


Select and create your panel by choosing among 30+ biomarkers or a panel of your choice with new biomarkers


Determination of fulfilment methods


Creation of your branded platform & packaging


Delivery and Execution

Case Studies

“Partnering with Biostarks has been a game-changer for my business. Their innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence have boosted our growth and competitiveness in the market. Trustworthy, efficient, and results-driven, Biostarks is a true catalyst for success.”

Founder & Owner – NAD Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Your results will be as accurate as conventional lab results. Our accredited labs use rigorous scientific methods, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry machines, and unique algorithmic sequences to ensure unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity of results. Please do note that for accurate results, you should follow the instructions contained in your biomarker test kit.

A biomarker is a distinctive biological or biologically derived indicator (such as a molecule or other measurable substance) of a process, event, or condition. Your body is a treasure trove of these indicators.

The number of biomarkers we measure varies, depending the test. You can find the exact number for each test on their specific page.

These biomarkers have been carefully selected by the Biostarks Research and Development team based on the impact they have on specific functions and processes of the human body, and grouped into categories befitting our different test kits.

Biostarks uses high resolution mass spectrometry multiplex laboratory technology coupled with unique algorithmic sequences to measure and format thousands of molecular markers found in a few drops of fluid.

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