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  1. Biostarks allows your members to understand any nutritional deficiencies through an accurate at home biomarker blood test
  2. Biostarks gives your community the ability to make simple nutritional changes to their diet to improve overall health and performance.
  3. Allow your members fully understand their biomarkers across performance, strength, recovery and endurance.
  4. Allow your members to optimize their training via better understanding of their nutritional requirements
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What we offer

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Access to webinars with our nutritional experts. Allowing you to better understand the biomarkers and provide a holistic approach on performance and nutrition when speaking with your member community.

Home Biomarker test for performance monitoring

30+ Biomarkers specific to sport

Free delivery

Simple blood collection kit

Full laboratory analysis

Easy to read results deliverd by mobile app

Actionable recommendations by our medical team

What are the benefits for your community members

  • Easy within a secure app, color – coded results
  • Detailed explanation in regards to how your biomarkers affect your performance.
  • Direct nutritional recommendations to improve your biomarkers, thus your performance and nutrition
  • By regularely testing, you can build your own high performance profile

What you need to know!

Nutrition: a key factor

Nutrition determines many aspects of our physical and mental health. Nutritional depletion or deficiencies can lead to various symptoms such as chronic fatigue, increased risk of injury, increased recovery time, decreased strength, decreased performance, reduced resistance to infection.

Increased requirements

CrossFit athletes have increased requirements for many micronutrients that are proportional to the intensity and volume of exercise. For example, magnesium requirements can be up to 50% higher due to extensive training. Iron requirements can even be up to 75% higher.

Our lifestyle impact

Contributing factors to a poor micronutrient status include malnourishment (restricted energy intake, unbalanced diets, exclusion of certain food groups), strenuous training, injuries, demanding lifestyle and chronic stress.

Don’t neglect antioxidants

Extensive training generates increased oxidative stress and to counteract this stress, antioxidants are of greater importance. Vitamin A requirements can be up to 30% higher and Vitamin E requirements even double more. Copper also acts as an antioxidant and requirements can be up to 66% higher. Selenium, for which requirement are up to 54% higher, is an important compound of a strong antioxidant called glutathione.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Biostarks’ biomarker test are basically a high-resolution snapshot of what is happening inside your body. You will not only receive a general wellness overview, but also personalized recommendations based on a rigorous and specific scientific process.

our results will be as accurate as conventional lab results. Our accredited labs use rigorous scientific methods, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry machines, and unique algorithmic sequences to ensure unsurpassed sensitivity and specificity of results. Please do note that for accurate results, you should follow the instructions contained in your biomarker test kit.

The sampling device can be stored at room temperature. It is protected from humidity and exposure to light. The shelf life is indicated on the sample medium and is at least 6 months.

The results are delivered within 10 working days from the reception of the sample by our laboratory.

We recommend testing 3-4 times a year, meaning every four-three month.

The more you test, the more your individual ranges will be defined. Our algorithm enables you to establish your own personal “optimal” range. At least 2 tests are needed for the individual range to start being calculated.

Real testimonies from real people

Discover the insights that our at-home biomarker tests have brought our clients through our easy-to-understand and actionable results. Are you ready to become the next success story?

My energy is back!

“For many months now, I had low energy after work, so I spent my evenings in my couch. I did the nutrition test – I was Vitamin D deficient. My energy is back! Thank you!”


Just a “click” at the tip of my finger

“I always wanted to know my Vitamin D levels, but I am scared of needles. With this kit, there was no needle, just a click at the tip of my finger and 4 drops of blood to drop in the box!”

I had put off getting my nutritional blood panel done for a long time

“I didn’t have time to go to the doctor, get the prescription, etc. Now I was able to do it from home, it made my life much easier!”


Are you tired of unsuccessful fitness plans?

Decode your health and get tailor-made nutritional and training recommendations specific to your body’s needs


Are you tired of unsuccessful fitness plans?

Decode your health and get tailor-made nutritional and training recommendations specific to your body’s needs


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